Where is the "RailWorks/Rail Simulator" not in the export options?

I just brought 3DCrafter pro and I notice that the “RailWorks/Rail Simulator” is not in the ‘Export’ list. So, I went to options and the “Railsim.dill” file has a tick near it.

The version of the softwere is:9.3 and the build is:1620

My operating system is windows 7 pro 64 bit.

The train simulator functions are disabled by default since they are not used by the majority of 3DCrafter Pro users. To enable these features:

Select Options… from the Tools menu.
Click the Misc. tab.
Check Enable Trainworks Features
Close and re-open 3DCrafter Pro

I did what you said and still nothing!

Can you check that the “Enable Trainworks” checkbox is still checked? Maybe it isn’t saving for some reason.

It should create a new export sub-menu called “Trainworks”, right at the top of the export list. The exports for train simulators are in the sub-menu.

I done what you have said and it works fine now thank you.

Glad to hear it.

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