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I’ve been working the last few days on something not very exciting. v10 will require setup of an account, or at least that’s the current plan. For those of you who use the forums, your username/password for the forum are your username/password for 3DCrafter. The reason for this is mostly for validation of license codes, but I have some other ideas as well. So far, so good.

I’m hoping it won’t dissuade people from using 3DCrafter. But, it seems to be the norm now to require software users to provide an email address so I don’t think it will have much effect. I hope.

Honest opinion… Is asking this of people using 3DCrafter too much? Would it stop you from using software you downloaded?

It’s not absolutely necessary that I have this information. Perhaps the username could simply be the email address? Or email address optional and just a username.

No problem for me

No problem for me either. Useful to have an email address for users so you can send out 3DC news and information. So easy to get a free email address these days so I can’t see anyone having an issue with this.


A small tutorial every week, for example…


Thanks for the input.

Here’s what I decided to go with:

The username is the email address. A little simpler, and easier to remember, I think.

And the Amabilis Account Server is live. 1 thing done 112 go to!

The only question I have is what happens if there is no internet or the account server is down?

Everything works just fine. When you enter your license code 3DC gets an offline token from the server that authorizes all of the 3DC Pro extras whether you are online or offline.

Today I’m working on the new installer. “IF” things go the way I plan, v10 will auto-update (though you can choose to ignore a release if you want).

Oh, about the server being down. I wrote a little monitoring program that periodically logs in as though it is a user of 3DC and sends me a text message whenever it fails. 🙂 Oh, and it texts me periodically to say it is alive and checking.

I am happy with creating an account and receiving ‘news’ and updates. I am concerned about a position where an update is accepted but the update renders the program unusable for any number of possible reasons, perhaps just to a few users due to their particular computer set-ups. I would like to know that it would be possible to roll back and reinstall an earlier version of the program that did work correctly until the problem with the latest version was fixed.

The new auto-updating feature seems to be working. It turned out to be relatively straight forward.

Yeah, I’ve been wondering about roll backs also actually. I’m not certain.

Rolling back is really quite easy. In fact, this method guarantees that EVERY version is available for download since each version exists on the web server. So, all is well.

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