v10 Progress

I’ll be using this thread to keep people up to date on the upcoming v10.

Below is the first screenshot of v10. It’s not very exciting except that it shows 3DC as a “.NET” application with a ribbon interface.

The hard part is over, and now comes the fun part: creating the new user interface. It won’t be THAT different than the current 3DC. I decided to only make changes where the changes would reduce clicks and mouse movement. Basically, just to make modelling faster and easier. I’m considering having the new interface be in part “optional” for those who don’t want too many changes. An “old school” option. But I’m not sure if that is practical or not.

The Navigation Control is definitely gone in v10. I was considering making the right mouse button be “rotate”, but I think the current “move selection up/down” is still the best choice.

So, the wheel will be “zoom”, the center button “rotate” and shift-center button “pan” (grab-style pan). These will also be available as “tools”, just in case people prefer that. I’ll also add a couple of “tools” for “walk around” and “orbit/look around”. I want to keep most of viewing features, but simplify things.

I might put out an “extreme alpha” to get people’s opinions since this is such a major change in how things work. That would be later this week. I think this may take some time to implement since it is fundamental.

Looks good. The only problem I have with ribbon interface’s is they can take up a lot of screen real estate, leaving less working screen space.

It’s true. It does take up more space. Some of that will be made up for by removing the toolbar on the right. The ribbon can be “minimized” and I hope that I can come up with a way where that works well. But it would mean knowing more key combinations. That’s something that I’ll have to work on.

It’s official. The navigation control no longer exists.

I’ve been working on a new pallete. Texture libraries will no longer exist. They will simply be textures withing a “source” folder. So, to add new textures, you just add it to 3DC’s current texture folder.

Here’s an example of the new texture selector:


So, the current plan is to have a “simple” material panel for beginners, with a new “paint bucket” that applies a texture using something like the Auto-Unwrap plug-in. Basically, it is auto-sized and applied in a semi-sensible way based on the shape/creasing etc. The full standard material panel will still be available. I’m struggling a bit on this one, I have to admit. It’s a bit complicated to get it working the way I’d like it to.

I’m feeling good about stability. My experience so far is that the new version looks to be quite stable. I think it is the interface that is making the difference.

I have a good feeling about this release. Good enough to set a release date of October 30th.

I’ve decided to go ahead with a change that will use the “draw” approach to adding primitives to a scene. It’s looking good so far. I’ll still support the old drag and drop approach to primtives for those who prefer it. In fact I plan to preserve all the old features except the navigation control.

Things are going pretty smoothly. I am basically merging 3DCrafter with another 3D editor I wrote. The code is written, it just needs to be implemented within 3DCrafter.

Thinking on it… I’d say v10 is probably the biggest change in 3DC since version 3 when I introduced “layers”.

Got “drawing primitives” working today. Well, it isn’t quite done, but I was able to draw a cube. Click at start location, click at extent, click at height. I’ll be adding scroll wheel to change the number of divisions. Then of course there are the other primitives. It’ll probably take another week to perfect.

It sure is “different” to be adding primitives to a scene this way. It’s a good thing though. Keeping in mind that the “old way” will still exist. It’s just an alternative way.

Will be there different upgrade price for different version?
And new tutorial?
Thank You.

There’s information on the upgrade price on the “news” page. If you have purchased in the last year and a half it is free.

I think there will have to be a new tutorial. I’m not really sure how to present the changes yet. As the changes become more firm I’ll know better. But, I think the transition to the new version will be really easy.

I’m really looking forward to trying out v10, hopefully you will be able to meet your deadline of 30th October. Personally, I am happy to pay the very reasonable upgrade fee.

Thanks for the updates.


October 30th is looking good for v10, assuming nothing unexpected comes up.

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