v10 Beta 2 Available

Latest version installed and ran fine, didn’t delete anything first. Switching between animation and layout camera works fine for me now so you can stop looking for a problem Richard, probably just Vista playing up.

Like the revised edit tool, in fact everything seems to work very smoothly.


Its handy to be able to get maximum screen space by hiding the ‘info’ panel on the right but maybe this should open again automatically when light properties is selected (right click on a light) rather than have to open it manually.

Shadows can only be turned on via collective properties in the info panel.



Again, how do I make the embarassed smiley? 🙂

I’m trying to avoid destructive changes, so hopefully you will only have to compile everything once for v10.

Do you suggest that Foundry and Create Face should always be available? Seems to me they should only be available when nothing is selected. Otherwise it implies that they are doing something related to the selection. Or do they attach to the selected shape in some way. I really do forget. I don’t actually USE them.


I’ll look into auto-expanding the info panel when needed. Such as when somone chooses component properties/group properties etc.

I’m going to take a little break from fixing to experiment with right-click contextual toolbars. I think it would be a major improvement over the current right-click menu.

The right-click toolbar is looking promising, so I’ll proceed with it for v10 rather than v10.1. If it works out, it should be quite reasonable to have the ribbon rolled up normally. So, lots more work space and commands right where you right-click.

I’m not so sure about the right-click toolbar. It doesn’t dismiss automatically. You’ll need to move the mouse far away, or click escape. Thinking…

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