v10 Assistance Please – Work Flow

I’m working on optimizing v10 for the common work-flow of users. Basically, how do you use 3DC “typically”.

The views you use, the tools, the operations, the plugins etc. Do you use different view arrangements for modelling vs texturing? etc.

I’d also like to know when you use shape/group properties and when you work with the hierarchy.

Here’s an example:

When I do subdivision modelling I typically use these features:

Step 1 – Model (probably 80% of my time)

I use:

Select Tool
Point/Edge/Face Select Tool


Edit Control

Two Views (I usually swap between views since it is fairly quick)

Step 2 – Paint

This is more complicated, but the paint phase is entirely separate from the modelling phase.

So, v10 is currently designed in such a way that you could accomplish the entire step 1 with no panels visible, and the ribbon collapsed, and never having to expand the ribbon. So, like this:

The goal is to make all modelling possible like this, except for the occasional and infrequent opening/closing of panels for say adding a primitive, or a shape builder etc.

My normal set-up is the traditional 4 window view. Occasionally, I switch to the large single view when working (either mapping or building) on very small parts.

I invariably complete the model first and then, if needed, animate it and finally paint it. I use most of the operations tools and many of the plug-ins – especially, ‘shift centre on selection’, ‘weld to range’, the material plug-ins (when painting), piper and pipe engineer. I also make frequent use of the boolean operations – especially ‘subtract’ and ‘merge’.and the shift axis tool. Scripts I use regularly are the ‘measure’ script and the ‘normalise selected group’ script.

When animating, I make frequent use of the ‘reset animation to current position’ plug-in, To avoid too-much flicking between tabs, I would like to see this plug-in associated with the animation tab.

I do most of my painting using the UV Map Selection and the UV Re-map selection tools. I have not found the UV editor plug-in to be particularly useful, but the Material Manager plug-in is essential.

One potential problem I see with the new Tab layout is that when painting a model, there will be constant switching between the Paint Tab and the Build tab to select individual or groups of faces as well as access the various UV and block paint operations which, at least in the current version are all included under the operations section of the build tab. My suggestion would be that the various operations associated with a particular tab should be moved to that particular tab. This would probably mean that the face selection tool would also need to be added to the Pain tab functions.

As I am at it, I would also ask that you consider, perhaps in a later version if this is not possible with the current version, to provide a means of zooming in to a particular part of the Texture Cropping window when selecting an area of a texture for painting. As it is, after using this tool, I invariably have to go to the UV re-map selection to adjust the co-ordinates to the correct position.

I have just placed my order for the up-grade and am looking forward to seeing how the new version compares with 9.3.


Thanks BFM. I’ve made some substanial revisions to the inteface since the alpha that I think you will like. I’ll definitely keep what you wrote in mind as I finish things up. Once the beta is released there will still opportunity for changes.

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