UV Map Problem

Hi Alex,

Yes, this is the behviour intended.

I can’t reproduce your problem with the handles. Which of course makes it tough to find where the problem is.

And thanks for the suggestions.


I am brand new to 3DC Pro and am running version 4.2. Can anyone explain why I am seeing the following behavior of the UV Map operation:

No problem.

There is no way that you could know this.


Oops – operator error. You called that one right. Thanks.

I have seen this when a spherical (or cylindrical) wrap is applied to a single face. Not sure if I have seen in any other circumstances.

You could try cropping the texture, selecting the faces that need painting, and then applying a Material operation. If you do this you will have to make sure that the faces being painted are facing the right direction. (Facing the front-the default direction 3DC looks when it starts)

Also you could try cropping the texture and using the paint tool to apply the texture. This works best if you are applying to a single face or small number of faces.


I’m having trouble UV mapping small details accurately on my model. It is difficult to select the correct point to manipulate because the wireframe view is so small and I can’t seem to andquot;findandquot; small parts in the perspective view of UV Map tool.

Anyone have a good technique for this?

Thanks fot the tip – I was able to accomplish what I wanted with carefull cropping and the Material Fill Operation.

Not in the forseeable future. Since this can be done by directly typing in values it isn’t a major priority item.

Also, you can adjust the texture cropping after it is applied. If you have 4.22 you can scale/shift the texture using the Operation Adjust tool. This is a general-purpose tool that allows you adjust the effect of operations. It operates on the active operation in the Operations list. This might not give you the accuracy you desire though. But it is worth a try.


Any chance that in the future we wiil be able to adjust those crop boundaries by dragging them with the mouse?


All good suggestions.

I would suggest that until these are implemented you could adjust the texture after it is applied using the Adjust tool. You’ll need 4.22 to do this though.


Hello Richard,

Short of being able to drag things with the mouse, is there any chance that we might be able to adjust the texture cropping more precisely? andnbsp;0.01 of a 512×512 texture is 5 pixels, and it would really be nice to have finer control than 5 pixels. andnbsp;(not to mention a closer view of what we’re doing, either in texture crop or UV mapping). andnbsp;Could the cropping units actually be pixels, rather than percent, as far as the GUI is concerned? andnbsp;(behind the scenes, you could normalize coordinates to 1×1) andnbsp;I think that would be super convenient.

Also, is there a way to control the orientation that the texture ends up in after dragging the paint tool over several faces?

I know that’s a lot of questions, and some of them may be ignorant since I’m a beginner– but the fact remains that I’m having fun and I like your program. andnbsp;8)


Hi Alex,

You aren’t doing anything wrong I am sure of that. The only thing that I can think to suggest is to uninstall and reinstall. But try rebooting first to see if that does it.


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