Tutoirals for a newbie

Hi there,

I have been looking for an easy to use 3D software for sometime now, having spent the last year or so learning basic 2D Cad. I have tried things such as Blender and Sketchup, but with now success. A friend of mine suggested 3D Crafter, unfortunately my computer won’t run it as I am still using Win XP 32 bit. So I did find an old version of 3D Canvas that does work. Now all I need are some decent easy to understand tutorials to get me going.

Much appreciated in advance

Hi Mim86

You’ll find that there’s not much activity here these days! The site owner seems to have abandoned the product – a real shame as it’s been well used over the years. I only look in here from time to time in the vain hope that things have sprung back into life!

You don’t say what you’re planning to model. There are a reasonable number of tutorials on sites such as Uktrainsm and a few other ‘railway simulator’ sites. Most will allow guest access to view, but would require signing up to post questions. Most ( if not all ) are free.


might be a useful starting point.

As you’re using an old version, some of the tools may not be available.
Some of the best tools ( at least for the train simulator modeller) are the ‘Decapod’ plug-ins.
These have been produced by Paul Gausden and have been much appreciated by many followers.
I don’t know if you’ll be able to get the right version of these for your 3DC version.

Good Luck!


Hello there John,

Thank you so much for the reply. I was really looking forward to using this, but with all things new it takes some getting used to. I have been using my Dad’s old 2D Cad software, he got me started on that as I needed to draw reasonably accurate prosthesis in my work as a Vet (Orthopedic). From there I decided to play around with my special love of all things Stargate, so I’ve been creating some ships for that.
This is an example of what I have been doing.


I will check out those links and thank you.


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