Trying to exportl a track speeder

Some problem here… i have exported as a test on of my loco.
I set a driver than i click on the loco… send error message…
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I have been trying to export a small 4 wheel speeder. The original one I used in MSTS was exported as a diesel .I have been trying to do the same thing in RailSimulator. I make the bogie blueprint and the engine blueprint,but nothing shows up in preview window.
I can export it as a freight unit and it shows up in the preview window and in the Simulator. There is no bogie in the heiarchy,It is changed to Chassis,as the whole chassis is the bogie.
Obviously I am missing something in the trainsim wizard..Any suggestions..

Finally got it to export. Sort of. When I click on it to start I get the send don’t send error message

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