Transparency with 3DC vor Railworks / TS201x

Hi all

I try to become a transparency on a simple object (not a loco / waggon) with the TexDiff Shader. The BlendATexDiff Shader does not works (the shape become a lightely translucency on the whole object).
I have heard that the TexDiff works better for simple objects. But how i can use the TexDiff for a transparency with 3DC? I try more things, but nothing works – the object becomes not the required effect. Which settings i must take for a transparency object with 3DC?

THanks for a solution 😉

Has been settled.
I dont have set the parameter “Transparency” on the TxAlpha – Field. I have mean, the TxAlpha Field is only use by the MSTS options, an not for the RailSim/Railworks. But, i dont must mean, i must know… 😉

Greets Michael

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