Trainz tutorial?

Are there tutorials for creating content for Trainz? I need help creating materials for Trainz content. materials should be named like this:

Hi Jeff – I seem to remember the material types are taken care of by the exporter, it looks at the material parameters in 3DC to work out what it should be but gives you the option to change them at export time.

you can use any name for the texture files.

and if you can find a file called timex.htm in one of the 3DC plugins folders, there’s a small bit of info there on textures.

Unfortunately I’ve not used trainz for 10+ years and my memory has faded quite a bit in that time 🙂

Edit – here’s one I found

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I have been exporting my models to dae. format and importing them into sketchup. There is a plugin for sketchup which exports everything you need to get you model into content manager.

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