Trainz and RailSim

Ack! You mean rendered WITHOUT textures right? In my opinion, GMAX is horribly bad at rendering a textured model. This is the #1 reason GMAX disturbs me. Prior to Paul solving the issues with exporting to Trainz, I had no choice but to learn GMAX. I was very bothered with the rendering and I supposed that GMAX was programmed this way so we would consider upgrading to the full blown 3DS MAX.

I do agree however, that with UNTEXTURED models, the view is a bit ‘cleaner’ in GMAX.

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Trainz was my first experience with virtual railroading. Certain aspects of the product soured me on the game. Then I learned about RailSim and I’m looking forward to seeing the first release.

What does this have to do with 3DC?

Well, while in the Trainz environtment, I built a few models with gmax. RailSim, of course, will be using 3DC. And, I have copies of both graphics programs. Experimenting has shown that gmax is much better at rendering models. I do that,then transport the models into 3DC, where I use that utility to paint the models.

Both, gmax and 3DC have their good and bad points but, combined, they are a great team!

Such is the news on this front.

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