Train Simulator to Train Sim World Converter

I have it in my head to write a converter that translates a model during export from DTG’s Train Simulator and perhaps Microsoft Train Simulator to the new Train Sim World format.

The idea is to have an XML file that contains the “translations” of materials stored on the source model to the new format that are done during the export itself. I would provide the facility, but I probably can’t provide the actual translations since I don’t know enough about the topic. But I wouldn’t need to because this XML file could be updated by anyone, and hopefully this would be straight forward and could be included in the open source 3DCrafter extensions.

So, that’s the idea. Anyone interested in being involved?

I’d be interested in this Richard. It will be a few weeks before I have the time to become involved though.

Good to hear. I’ll start writing what I can fairly soon. There’s still a lot of information to get from DTG on how they use the FBX format.

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