Thinning out an object

Excellent! This is a really useful and much appriciated little plugin!

Regards, Jack

I have a set of railings, The pipe that I used to make them looks a little thick, how can I without changing the length, height and width of the overall object make the pipe thinner? One pipe is horizontal and several other pipes extend from it at 90 degrees, they are all joined and are one object.

Regards, Jack

I am in need of something similar as scaling does not ‘cut the mustard’
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What is needed is a plugin!
Points need to be shifted along the face normal – I’ll have a think about it.

I was thinking about the physics of it, the plugin would need to reduce the area of all the faces by a certain percentage using the points. I don’t know how simple that would be to implement?

Regards, Jack

It’s not quite that simple but there may be a solution. I’ll take a look at it over the next few days.

Cheers mate, would be very handy if you could come up with something.

Kindest regards, Jack

Before and after pic.


You can select faces, objects or groups of objects.

Enter a shrink value e.g. 0.05m and the points move inwards by ‘about’ that value – usually slightly less. It depends on the angle the faces make with eachother.

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