TGA import doesn’t work for me (4.23)

Can you send the TGA file that failed for you? (<!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>)


After successfully creating a translucent model with the old version using two BMPs, I tried the same with a TGA with the new 4.23 version.

I loaded the TGA into the texture library and got the following error message:

andquot;Unable to load texture. The file may be corrupt.andquot;

First I blamed my TGA file but when I tried to use the TGA files from the Trainsim samples folder, I got the same result.

Any ideas ? Thanks !!

P.S. Just tried the 4.24, with the same result. Perhaps an uninstalling problem ? I removed all old files when uninstalling. When I have installed the new version, my registration data is still recognized. Is that o.k. ?

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