Tga files carry an alpha channel so you can make certain a

To create a .tga file with an alpha channel…Take a look at the attached pic.
The image with the black surround is the texture created in Paint Shop Pro, when applied to a face in 3DC only the yellow colour is visible.
If you are using PSP…first create the texture on a black background.(it doesn’t have to be black) next select the area of the image you want to be visible.
In the Selects menu choose Load/Save selection and Save Selction to Alpha Channel.
Then save the texture as a .tga file…thats it.
With .tga files you have to create the alpha channel…with .png files the alpha channel is already there for you but not sure if Trainz supports .png files.

Hope this helps…


I am in the process of making structures in 3DC to use in my V scale (computer model Railroad ie Trainz) The header of making certain parts translucent is now an area I want to explore. Specifically in conection with modeling truss bridges. Brige beams are solid steel plates on two sides and have cross beams on the other (laticework) I would like to model the bridge beam as a rectangle texture solid on two sides black bridge steel and than texture the crossbeams on two sides and see through the area between the cross braces ie that part translucent the crossbraces are not. How do you do this?

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