There is a new version of 3DC available (4.22) that may help with issues with GeForce cards.

Also, make sure your desktop is set to 32 bit color. I have had reports that GeForce based cards can have difficulty with 3DC with 16 bit color.


Hi I am recently registred as pro-user and I have a few questions that I andnbsp;would be very happy to get answers to:

1. When I try to crop texture I am not able to get the object marked, and the position markers end up locked. Subsequently I am not able to work with that crop function.
If anyone has had the same thing occuring and found a way to make it work I would be very grateful to know.

My videocard is a GEE-Force 2GTS in a AMD 900mhz computer.
However it does work on a Compaq Presario 1200 laptop that I find surprising?

Lasse L.

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