Texture copying in 5.0

Hi George,

It’s a bug. I think I have fixed it now. There are some restrictions as to what you can do with scripting and POVRay materials (the obvious one being that you can’t directly set the attributes from scripting). Copying a material should be possible though (I think). A new feature for the next release candidate is that if you create a material it defaults to the current material in the Material Palette. I needed this feature for a plugin I wrote that you can use to replace the material on a face or faces while retaining the the texture mapping. Basically a simpler andquot;Material Editorandquot;.


I’m wondering if the getmaterial method sucks in the raytracing attributes of a material?

When copying materials from one face to another in a script (using 3DC 5) I get a raytracing crash if the source face is textured witha andnbsp;POV procedural texture. andnbsp;POV looks for a .jpg which looks like a temporary texture 3dc makes to allow editing.

Copying and pasting with the eyedropper works properly andnbsp;and I can’t consistently get the error except in scripting.

Should the method work?


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