Surface Modelling tutorial

I am attempting to model a rather difficult curved shape and having not been very successful using the various primitives, I thought I would try the surface tool, a tool I have never used before. I was looking through the tutorials provided in 3D Crafter, but could find nothing relevant. But I do recall some years ago – possibly in the former site, that there was a fairly extensive tutorial on surface modelling – if I remember correctly, it was a dinosaur- or at least a dinosaur’s head. Is that tutorial still available, and if so, where? If not, does anyone know of other tutorials explaining how to use the surface tool.



I don’t know if these links will work for you but they are to the tutorial you want. Not all the pictures show up for me but they might be of some use to you:

Good luck.


Thanks, Paul. Yes, that is the tutorial I remember. As you mentioned, some of the screenshots do not appear, but hopefully there is enough there to get me started. The art work used (drawing of a dinosaur’s head) can still be downloaded. Perhaps, when Richard is up-dating the tutorials for 3Crafter 10, he could include this one as it seems to be the only one focused on the surface tool.


It would be nice to have available again all these tutorials…

I’m sure I have it around somewhere. When I have time I’ll look for it and see if I can make it available.

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