Suggestions for new features


I’m sure other 3DC users will have plenty of suggestions for new features in 3DC.

Here are a few new tools I’d like to see:

Visible lights – so that you can actualy see light sources. Maybe turn any item into a light source.

Point at – select an item for camera and spotlights to point at all the time, be handy in animations.

Infinite plane

Particle system – have been playing with this, not sure if it works properly, some instructions would be handy. Have gravity affect particles.

Extrude shape builder – include some predefined shapes to extrude, circle would be especially useful.

There are plenty of tools in 3DC that I have never even used so I am probably being greedy but while Richard is working on v10 it can’t do any harm to give him a few ideas.

What would you like to see in 3DC 10?


I’m surprised that nobody’s added to this thread….here’s my contribution.

Well, not really a new feature, but a change to an existing function….the Divide Selection. Every time I go to use this feature, it’s direction is always not the way I want it to operate. And If I want to divide say two upward facing faces in the same direction one after the other, seemingly at random, the direction in which the division is made for the second divion changes…and I have to undo, change from “Horizontal” to “Vertical” (or vice versa) and redo it!

This of course raises the question which way is vertical on the top face?? I’ve tried to work out how the direction is obtained….but cannot see it! And at times, dividing a vertical face “Horizontally”, has the wrong effect! Totally mystifying!!!

Always found the divide selection a bit of a pain, not knowing which orientation it will split.

A zoom to selection would be handy for me, both for single object or selected group.

I’d very much like to be able to export to the Unreal Engine 4 format.

Okay, what about a surface replicator. This is where you can duplicate a model, a tree for example, and have as many as you want placed on a given surface. Have to have some way of specifying how far apart each model is etc.

Move loop – select a loop and move it (and maybe duplicate it) but have it follow the existing model.without damaging the existing shape. Hope that makes sense.

Bring back particles!

3DC is already a powerful program for the price but if you don’t ask you don’t get!


Probably just my lack of some basic 3DC skills, but……..

I’d find it really handy from time to time to have a selected face and its associated edges populated with an array of points at a selected interval. Wouldn’t have to be too many – perhaps 5 x 5 or thereabouts. I’m thinking that this might make carving desired shape holes in faces less irksome than the Boolean subtraction which seems to result in extra points and faces.


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