Split parts?

While the information is already available in the places Paul has pointed out, when you’re just starting off, it’s hard to know exactly where to look for these.

These questions and answers would make a great beginning for a Beginner’s FAQ, and the 3DC Resouce wiki would be a good central location for it. I will go ahead add them and then scout through the forum for more of a similar nature. ^_^

… and just a reminder, the wiki has been set up just as an extension of the forums here. ^_^

I feel stupid posting all these questions, after a few years of modelling in T.S.M., I want to upgrade to this newer format, but find it all too different.I want to split a part from the main and move it to a new postion. At present this part -Headlight assy.- is merged in with the main body. I want to select all faces of the headlight to highlight it as a part and then split or separate it from the main body and move it to a new position.
Try as I may, I have read all the instructions from front to back and then back again, but can not find coverage of this subject.I have tried the ‘shear’ and ‘divide’ options, but not these.
Any clues?
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Try selecting all the faces and then use the plugin Face Split.That should cut the part away from the rest of the model.

I normally just use copy and paste…

Select the faces you want.
Copy and paste them back into the scene.
Re-select the original faces and delete them.

The Face Split plugin is quicker if it works ok.
Either method may leave a hole in the model where the original part was.


Thankyou Spotaru and Bazza. I will try those methods.It has suddenly occured to me that I may be missing a chapter or two of the instructions as I can find no reference to even the most basic of operations. To clarify, I am new to 3DC and jumped straight into version 7-2-2.I don’t have the experience of earlier versions of 3DC or their instructions.The immediate questions I have are:

1)How to select multiple faces/polygons.
2)How to save a part to the objects library for future use,e.g. a bogie or wheelset.
3)How to load that saved part and place into a present scene.
4)How to copy a part and move it to the other end, rotate the part and place it in the same x,y axis as the origional part e.g. a loco coupling.
5)How to select object properties, e.g. name a part/face as transparent/alpha.
6)How to show a current part only, e.g. complex scene.
7)How to manually place attachment points.

I would appreciate any help on the above questions so I can advance on my present project.If there are earlier instructions available which cover all of the above or a download link to the basic instructions/manual, could you please advise.
Sorry this is a big order, but it is difficult when you are learning your way into a new product and can not find your answers in the instructions on hand.
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I’ll have a quick go…

1) Hold down the Ctrl key – see keyboard and mouse shortcuts in help text
2) Right click, send to library – selected groups or hierarchies can be put in libraries too.
3) Drag object out of library into scene
4) as for 3 then change the group Y axis to 180 degrees or use the flip/Z axis operation
5) Select materials peroperties first then fill tool or fill operation (for faces)
6) You can hide parts Right click/Visible – Use the hierarchy right click to make visible again.
7) TRS attachment points are just groups called a.***** the axis for the group is the location of the point. Any geometry (object) in the group is ignored by the export.

Thanks again Paul.
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