Special Effect – Fire ? How to work in 3DC

Hello to the expert,

I need some suggestions. I-�m working on a steam loco cabin with fire like the description in Railworks-Wiki

Section 4 Art Guidelines andgt; Train Cabin Guidelines andgt; Texturing Train Cabins andgt; Special Effects andgt; Fire

‘multi-frame fire animation’

The description is for 3DS MAX and I can-�t translate, whats to do for the same in 3DC. ?

I had a look at the ‘Black 5’ from RS and found that the fire is made in the same way.
In WIKI : … Assign the first frame of the texture (frame_00.ace) to the bitmap slot….
This must be a texture, but I don-�t find any texture in the folder (Cabviewtextures) with this name ?
I only found ‘fire_00.ace’ at this place. Write error in WIKI?

In WIKI : … Lastly create your actual fire geometry. Call it ‘1_0000_anim_fire’ …
This is usual a group name, not a simple plane (quad polygone)

How to make this in 3DC ?
How is the RailSimX field filled up with parameters ?

Any help is welcome

Regards Arno

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