I got a reply from the RailSimulator help desk. this is what a sound emitter is..

The SoundEmitter.igs is purely a piece of geometry that we have used to
link the sound to. This is then placed on the loco. You can use any
appropriate .IGS geometry to place sounds on a loco. However we will
look into releasing all our sound emitter source files to aid users in
this area.

Has anybody been able to put sound into any rail unit they exported.I am trying and it keeps looking for a’SoundEmitter.igs’. Have asked on UK train sim forum with no results,also emailed help at RailSimulator with no results yet.
Is the soundemitter a igs file of the unit you have exported and put in the Audio folder?
Can anybody enlighten me on this subject..

and did they ever in fact release the sound emitters source files.
Does any one have them, or has anyone actually built their own for TS2012 or the earlier RW


Please find attached how I made the sound emitter object (file in 2 parts).

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