Skeletons in the Library


I think so, unless it is broken. If you alt-select a hierarchy and then right-click it and select andquot;Add To Object Libraryandquot; it should add it. At least that is how I got them in there in the first place.


Hi Richard,

I am wondering if it is possible to keep a skeleton in an object library. andnbsp;I renamed the frames of the standard skeletons, but the only way I found to save this is as a full 3DC file. andnbsp;I would like to make more skeletons, so I was wondering which way would be best to keep them.

Also, is it possible to keep hierarchies in an object library, or only individual meshes?

Alex (XelaG)

Yes, that worked perfectly. andnbsp;I couldn’t find this ALT+CLICK in the help pages when I looked at ‘Working with object libraries’.

Thanks a lot!

Good to hear it is still working andnbsp;:)

I’ll update the Help to include it.


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