Simple Question?

Or select bottom right corner point followed by top right corner point and then use ‘Weld to first selected point’.
Repeat for left corner points.
You could also select the side that should be the edge of the wedge, scale Y to 0 and then use Plug-in ‘Weld to range’ with a small range.

There are several ways of doing this and the ‘best’ is simply the one you like best.

Hello All, I have a problem at present which I’m sure has a simple answer. I have built a number of items which have been OK and are now installed in my route. I now want to build several bridges but seem to be stuck creating the ramp. I have used the deform tool to pull down the two end points but this goes all over the place.

What is the best way of creating a wedge shape.

Any help please


Add a cube to the scene; delete one line in the cube; use the tool ‘solidify selection’

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