Shiny reflective brass textures?

Thanks again, Paul. You’re always a great help although, I don’t really understand the process, I do have an idea of what you’re trying to show/say.
I do see the shine on the tires and will have to play with it a bit. I’ve never used an environmental mapping precess before. Something else to learn in 3DC, I guess…

Hi all,
I was wondering if it’s possible to create shiny reflective brass trim for the MSTS train simulator?
As it is now, I’m simply copy and pasting pieces of brass images from the net and it’s not working for me as I would like it to.
If so, would someone mind teaching me the process for doing so?

Here’s the model I’m working on.


Thank you,

you need an updated app.fbk file – which might be included with the MSTSbin update.

With 3DC you just need to add a very dark environment map file to the material in 3DC then include the converted env map file as an ace file.

This model (the 1916 and 1940 loco) might help with the env map file – entirely 3DC exported
Look closely at the wheel rims for a reflection.

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