Seeking Plug ins for latest 9 version of 3D Pro

I am seeking the plugs ins to import and export MSTS and Trainz files, I recall that the old version of 3D crafter could import the source files for Train sim Modeller but was not sure if that was possible for the new version? I saw some posts from Paul about plug ins nice to see you here Paul. I found the 9.3 package of plug inso on a link you had shared is that the package i need?

the default install ..i can see MSTS entries in the import export file but i cant see any MSTS file formats on either import or export in the actual drop down lists in the program as it installed default of 9. and no mention of Trianz

any special install instrucitons? thanks I hope to be importing from TSM to 3D Crafter and exporting to TANE and 2012 verisons of my current hoped for Work flow. thanks
Chris Gerlach

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here is image of the export formats that list for the defualt install:

The train simulator plug-ins are not enabled by default. They can be enabled via:

Select Options… from the Tools menu.
Click the Misc. tab.
Check Enable Trainworks Features
Close and re-open 3DCrafter Pro

Thank you Richard..there they are 🙂

ok started working but need to know where to look for the exported file? is there a dedicated location for the exported item to land in? thanks for the great work on all of this …will go thru all of the tutorials now..just needed to know a few basics including where the output folder is..

I believe it is in your “My Documents” folder. I hate to say it, but I forget. It produces a lot of files (the wizard).

Can anyone else help?

Hi, Not sure whether this actually helps, but;-

For Railworks ( selecting export of a Passenger rail vehicle via the wizard) export goes to;


For MSTS, a scenery item needs a route selected so, for example, goes to;


I don’t have Trainz, so can’t say where that would end up!
You might be able to spot the Documents folder in question by looking at the date+time in the ‘date modified’ column, though this doesn’t work if the target folder is more than one level below ‘Documents’

OK thank you both, i will go looking for it


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