secondary texture

Hi Guys

A bit of an experiment using the secondary texture as a ‘Dirt and Grime’ layer, adjusting levels by the Blend Trans.

Works well when you view in 3DC however it appears not to be exported or Rail Sim Does not appear to make use of it……

Any info as to what is used and read by railsim?

Are Diffused and Ambient levels used?
I have succeeded in getting the bump map to work, how about specular map?

I also thought that I managed to get Bump working by placing in the secondary texture slot, so is the secondary slot dependant on shader type?

Enviro map appears to affect the colouring, that is contrary to indications given in RSDL docs..

Nearly all textures I convert using ToAce display blockiness regardless of source size or type bmp, tga, jpeg and seem to have to use the _nm extension to prevent compression..

Anything else I could try ?



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