Scripting Capabilities

There were some really good scripters for TRS, like WULF9, but sadly… as time goes on… many of the talented folks have move on as well.

Wulf was the only person I know of that created good dymanic content. He combined 3d Modeling options (IE; surfaces…) that could have dynamic textures applied. You may still be able to find some of his work to usa as an example at [img:35c6x4kg]http://WWW.TRAINZPROROUTES.ORG[/img:35c6x4kg]
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(TRAINZPROROUTES.COM seems to be gone)

I am relatively new to 3DC. Can you steer me in a directin for resources that explain scripting and how to do this?

The above is general now this is specific.

Can a script be written in 3DC that will allow an asset to receive text and send text messages? Basically the application I have in mind is making a railroad signal that can be set to stop indication from another program that sends and receives text messages.

This functionality will only solve half my problem. Setting my mesh to stop doen’t necessarily mean that if this asset is installed in Trainz Railroad Simulator that AI drivers in Trainz will recognize this as a stop signal.


The kind of scripting you need is built into TRS, not 3DC.

There are sample scripts written with VBScript in the Scripts folder under the main program folder. These show how to extract data and manipulate points of a model within 3DC only.

I believe the Content Guide for TRS may explain how to make a signal behave properly.
I suspect you just have to build an animated object and tell the config.txt where to find the animation.

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