This is just a suggestion, but I still have Railsimulator installed on my computer. So when I do any modeling, I use the Wizard to export the model (to Railsimulator) and then complete the Blueprint and use the Railsimulator Asset editor to complete the model and export it (to Railsimulator). I then copy the asset files over to Railworks.
Since the asset editors only work in windowed mode, I can leave the Railsimulator program windowed and the Railworks program full screen, and not have to keep jumping back and forth.

Hello All, Thanks for the help on my last query, I have now progressed somewhat but now reached a dead end.

I have built a shape, overall textured it and applied my station name texture and all looks well. The *.Ace file is created and can be found. When I use the wizard in trainworks to convert the file all seems well and according to the software it has been exported to the fixed destination. When you go there the file is not present nor can it be found anywhere else.

Can anyone advise as to the cause or give me any advice?

Many thanks


Have you ticked your developer folder box in the route in question? It won’t appear otherwise.

Does it appear if you Preview it in the Asset Editor?

Longbow, Thanks for your reply as yet I have not be able to display the model in the Asset Editor as it says its failed to display. As there seems to be no displays which advise as to the failure. There is one point that causes me some confusion ,that is in the wizard you are forced to export to Railsim Addon etc, but my blueprint editor only wants to look at Steam source files could this be the problem.

I have deceided to scrap all my various files, read any notes, and start again.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


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