Rolling Crane for MSTS

controll and pwillard,
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here is a model of a dockside crane for MSTS (it moves in the sim) and I have other models of bridges (some moving some stationary)….

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Yes I make my own textures or get them from the net or mags.

And a good image editing program is a must.

PhotoImpact 6.0 is a great program if you want to make textures and it comes with a lot of add image enhancers like brick looking or steel looking objects that you can manipulate within the program and make it look like real items. Also lots of detail can be made with shadow and gradient colors.


Obviously, MSTS has a few that we might be able to re-use, however, most of the users of MSTS are also railfanners, meaning we have a pretty good supply of own photographs. The quality on many of the textures provided with MSTS could do with some improvement, so many of us have done just that.

My current problem is that some of may favorite photo’s were taken with the intent of making my own water-slide decals. andnbsp;This means that I have almost no end-of-car or interior shots for textures.

That’s a good looking crane…. ;D
I have a question. You guys seem to have an endless supply of textures for trains, cranes, buildings, etc. Are these textures supplied with the MSTS, or do you have to find, or create them?


very cool sence 8)

textures to

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