Request for Technical support Computer is crashing on shif

I had an ATI Graphics card built into the motherboard. I installed a NIVIDA card as an upgrade. The problem was caused by the NIVIDA card not interfacing with the ATI card, Geek Squad tried disabling the ATI card in BIOS and couldn’t do it. I now have an ATI 512 card installed and everything now works a ok.


I am trying to model a house I have placed it in positon X =0 Y=1 Z=0 I than go to tools and select the shift command as soon as I have the S highlited and hit the house to select it the computer makes a popping noise and reboots on startup it prompts The system has recovered from a serious error

I need help to fix this.

This is very likely a bug in the driver for your graphics card. (that’s pretty much the only thing that can cause Windows XP to reboot like this). An update to you drivers may well fix this.

I took the computer into geek squad to update the drivers still crashing on use of the shift command. I click on the house to shift it and computer reboots.

What is your graphic card and which drivers do you have installed ?

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