Removing Animation

To remove animation of operations you’ll need to remove the operation layers. While in animation mode, the layers list will show all layers applied while in Animation mode. Just delete each layer and the animation will be gone (and whatever else affect they had (color etc.)).


Is there a quick way to completely remove an animation from a file and start again. I know the ‘crosses’ reset animation frames, but that didn’t help with what happened to me yesterday. I had got a loco animation working perfectly, but then stupidly, didn’t click off the animate button. I then started texturing an object, only to find the texturing was applied as part of the animation and disappeared when I went out of animation. This also slowed the animation right down. If I deleted the object and put it back in again, even renamed, it was recognised by the animation (clever, but frustrating) and applied again. I eventually got rid of it by merging the object to another small object, to fool the animater that it was a new object!

Also, what is the relationship of an animation to a file? Even when I reverted to an earlier version of my file, it picked up on the newer animation.

Thanks for any help.

Richard Scott

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