Re: Placing images into the text and adding multiple attac

Thanks for your help. I managed to make it work using Picasa.

After looking at the forum Help files and searching for an answer on the forms, I’ve come up empty.

Is there an example of how to place images into the body of the message text, posted somewhere? If so, could someone please point me to it.

Also, how do I add more that one attachment?

Any help would be appreciated. These tasks are probably simple, but they’re escaping me. Thanks.

I did a bit of looking and I think what you might try is look in Tools and look at the UBB codes. I don’t know if you can embed images right into the post but you can embed an image from something like Photobucket. In fact as I look at this screen for posting I can see an icon for an image (second from end)that will allow you to point to a URL. As for attachments you can experiment with the Add Attachment below the posting window.
For clarity I’m using the Reply button at the bottom of the screen not at the top along with Tools, Find etc. if that makes a difference.

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