quicktime 3d

alright… thanks alot.

i read on the amabilis website that the prof. ver. of 3DC can export models as a Quicktime 3D (3dmf)… but under export there is no 3dmf option. in fact, over half of the export options listed are not in 3DC. whats up with that?

Alot of those exports are new, so you would need a recent version of 3DC.

If you have a recent version, then it is likely that the Pro upgrade is not installed. Most of the import/export plug-ins are included in that.

I have version and when i fire her up it says professional version on the splash screen…?

Hi Peter,

You need 7.0.1 for the new plugins. I think you got your copy before the cutoff date so you’ll be eligible for the free upgrade.

It will also run alongside for your P.I. work.

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