Question regarding bogies (originally from DOM107)

I have updated the FAQ on this.

3DC uses the custom group field ‘Rail Sim’ if there is any value filled in, rather than the group name.

Also, the Train Simulator Wizard sets these group field values as appropriate. There was a bug before that caused the names to be set incorrectly for wheels.

I’d suggest exporting again with the new version of 3DC and seeing if it resolves the problems.

Oh, and you can just move all the bogie ‘parts’ to a single group. They don’t need to be children unless they move relative to the bogie. (such as wheels)

I have 2 questions (below is an image of the bogies / wheels parts):


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Originally posted by Amabilis Support:
1) X, Y and Z are different than in the Rail Simulator Developer Documentation. Why is this? How do I deal with this problem.

In 3D, nobody can agree if ‘Z’ is ‘up’ or ‘away’. In Direct3D, ‘Z’ is away, like in 3DC. The Dev Docs are referring to 3D Studio Max which uses ‘Z’ is ‘up’.

You don’t need to worry much about this in practice. As long as your rail vehicle is facing away from you, as viewed from when 3DC starts, and pivot points on bogies and wheels are ‘sensible’ it should all be OK.

1) My model orientation is OK and I can export and put the engine properly on the rails. However I cannot start the engine in the game. Could it be because of a bogie orientation problem? (Is the orientation correct in the above picture?)

2) The bogie is made of several elements. So far, only the box highlighted in the picture is called bo01 or bo02 with nothing in the hierarchy. I would like to remove this unwanted box and have the several elements be processed as a bogie. Do I just move the elements as children of bo01 or bo02?

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