ProcessMessages in VBScript?

Unfortunately not.

But there is a timing in 3DC for the length of time a script can operate. I’ll double it for the next version. But unfortunately I have no idea when the next version will arrive. Unless 4.21 has a major bug it may be a while.

Hi Richard,

Scripts that take a long time to execute throw a warning allowing you to stop the execution of the script. You can click ‘continue’ or ignore the warning, and the script executes fine, but it is rather a nuisance when there is nothing wrong with the script. Is there a VBScript statement equivalent to the Delphi Application.ProcessMessages which returns control to windows an enables windows to send and receive messages from the application? It is used for example in long calculations (typically in loops) to signal to windows that you’re still alive so it will not show a warning ‘this application is not responding’.


Thanks Richard for your answer andnbsp;:)


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