Problem w/Properties in 3DC 4.23

Did you remember to re-install the latest version of directX, before installing 3DC?

Hello. I just upgraded my computer from Atlhon 800MHz, GeForce2 GTS, Win98SE to AthlonXP 1700+, GeForce3 Ti200, and Win2K Pro. I did a clean install onto a new drive. I am using 3DC Pro 4.23. All was well before, but now, when i right-click on an object and select andquot;Propertiesandquot;, my PC REBOOTS!!! Never did this before, wondering if it is a Win2K related issue issue or something. The physical upgrade to my PC involved components that were merely the newest version of what i had (even my new chipset on my MoBo is the VIA KT266A, i had the VIA KT133). Any ideas? Although i have not yet re-installed all my old applications, what i have re-installed all seems to work ok, this is the first program i have had a problem with.


Ok, sorry guys. andnbsp;Next time i’ll set the Search field higher than 7 days!! andnbsp;I see others are having the same problem using WinXP and the nVidia 21.83 drivers. andnbsp;WinXP is supposedly based on the WinNT/Win2K core, so i’ll try drivers from the Windows update page. andnbsp;The things that can slip our minds at 4am…. andnbsp;:)

Yep, she’s got DirectX 8.0a, nVidia 21.83 video drivers, and VIA 4-in-1 v4.33 for the motherboard. andnbsp;Also have Win2K SP2 as well. andnbsp;I know, it sounds like a DirectX/Driver issue, but i can’t understand why it would have a problem with these.

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