Problem with Normalize and Create Unique names Plug-ins’show

ok I know with the show untextured plugin you have to select at least one shape for the plugin to work.
As for the create unique names plug-in, I also can not get this one to work.

When I select a group or hierarchy (Ctrl+ A or D + left-click) in 8.1.3, and try to run the ‘normalize groups’ or ‘create unique names’ plug-ins, I get an error message in both cases that ‘this selection is not supported by this plug-in’. Am I missing something?


The show untextured plug-in works – but it cannot be closed one it is opened. The only way to close it is to use ctrl+alt+delete.

yes if you unselect the group or what ever it works, as it works globally across all groups.

Yes, normalize works. However, for the create unique names plug-in I get the error message ‘Selection not valid for this plug-in. Shapes are not supported’ if I select a hierarchy or group. The show untextured plug-in is also not working correctly as mentioned above.


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