Problem with Bounding Box

Working backwards through the layers, I discovered that the strange bounding box originated in the buffer face. When I made the buffer face, I started with a normal cube and then reduced the size of the cube to the dimensions of the buffer face. However, for some reason, when I did that the bounding box did not adjust to the smaller size but retained its original size. I solved the problem by deleting the original buffer faces and making new ones. This time the bounding box adjusted to the reduced size. Very strange!


I have ended up building a DTV where the bounding box is extending beyond the buffers. How can I move the bounding box so as to fix it at the buffers? See screenshot.

Weird, did u check if a pivot or a left over point of a deleted object is causing it ?

If you get an odd bounding box the Optimize operation usually cures it.

The thought that there might have been a leftover point or pivot occurred to me. I checked and there are none. Running the optimize function also resulted in no change to the bounding box. The hierarchy is perfectly normal – the car is a single object with no interior as yet, two bogies and four doors are all children of the ‘main’. I have built several other coaches for this train with no problems. I could begin ‘reverse engineering’ it to see where the problem arose as I have saved a copy with all layers, but was hoping there is an easier solution.




The only other thing I can suggest is maybe there is a small poly somewhere.

Perhaps a ‘weld to range’ with 0.001, then optimize?

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