Problem installing amabilis extensions for 3D crafter pro version 10

I’ve just upgraded to 3d crafter version 10 pro. I enjoy the program and like
the new features in the pro version.
But one problem I have is I’m not able to install the 3D Crafter 10 Extensions
(3DCrafter10Extensions.exe). When I run it I get a windows error saying the
the distributable file it’s trying to install (c++) is older than the c++ version I
currently have. Because of this situation the install terminates and no extensions/plugins
are installed. I’m uncomfortable deleting any of the c++ distributable versions
on my system because I don’t know what apps I have use them. I wouldn’t know
what versions to delete either :(:) Does anyone have any advice on how to get these
extensions safely installed? Also can anyone post a list of the extensions this file
installs. I’d like to know what I’m missing.
I didn’t have any problems installing the Decapod Extensions for version 10 ( 3dcplugins10.msi).

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Hi Stephen,

Yeah – unfortunately – we’ve been abandoned by the developer after many years of loyal support by many of his customers – to help – he loaded the extensions on GitHub – – – they have a zip file that I used to get around the C++ issue – check here:


Hello Scott,
Thank you very much for responding.
Following your link I went to github and downloaded the Release.7z file.
I unzipped it and installed via the 3DCExtensions.msi file. I hope that’s
what you did:) I really can’t tell what it installed but the install was successful:)
(Please tell me if you installed something else).

I’m retired and before I kick the mouse I thought I’d learn about some things
I never had time nor the inclination to get into. So I consider myself a beginner
in both 2d and 3d graphics. I spent about 5 months with several 2d software
packages. As an avid forums reader I read several posts about 3d apps. So
about 6 weeks ago I began using Corel Motion Studio 3d, Anim8or and AOI(Art of Illusion).
I must say I find 3d a much more interesting world than 2d. About 2/3 weeks ago I
came across 3d Crafter and another program MOI(Moment of Inspiration). I finally
got a feel for polygon modelling but I also like using the nurbs model (moi). I got the
pro version of 3d Crafter so I could use the Surface Shape Builder which allows for
nurbs surfaces (and other thingys I would like to play with). Besides I always try to reward
a single developer given the time and effort put in. (But I’m not spending $300usd for
But as you mention it seems I’m late to the 3d Crafter party. There’s little activity on the
website (or the web). But I will mention that Richard did help me with registering for the pro version.
So the bottom line is that all I have to go on is the included help file and included tutorials.
As a neophyte in 3d modelling (polygon or otherwise) I guess I’m on my own with this app:(:)
I do have may questions about various aspects of 3d Crafter. I will post some of them here
and hope an experienced user will show some mercy and answer:)

Timing is everything,
Best regards,

Hello ?

Hi Stephen,

Contact me at trainsim-dot-com – same userid – with a PM if you need more help…


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