Pirate’s posts about his website ARE NOT for the promotion of his site. He has a true heartfelt desire to help others. The full and ONLY purpose of his site is to try to provide the newcomers to not only 3DC, but all aspects of 3D modeling and game creation, a place to find new information all in one place. How many times have any of you spent hours searching one deadend link after another trying to find some useful info that would help you in your modeling? How many of you have used the old tutorials only to find that they no longer work correctly because 3DC has changed over the years? How many times have you worked really hard on a model only to have it crash and burn or find you cannot texture it correctly because you did something wrong while building it and you didn’t even know you were doing it wrong?
Has it been so long and you have gotten SOOOO GOOOOOD at using 3DC that you don’t remember what it was like when you first started modeling. You didn’t know anything and got frustrated because nothing you tried to make came out like you wanted it to. That IS the WHOLE and ONLY purpose of this site. To make NEW and USEFUL information available to the newcomers and gather all this info in one place, so we don’t have to spend valuable modeling or programming time searching for what we need.
So give the guy a break, and try to help him out instead of downing him and what he is trying to do. If this post offends anyone in any way, please accept my appologies, but I believe in what he is trying to do and will help in any way I can. I REMEMBER what it was like to be a newbie without help, and learning everything the hard way. Trial and error IS NOT a good way to learn 3D modeling and gaming.

i have took out the second place prize and added a 1st place prize for each catagory..

by doing this you can win all three catagories and the grand prize for a total of $125.00
get all the info… [img:2tgomhue][/img:2tgomhue]

good luck!…thanks, pirate

I may be wrong, but I suspect most people who create tutorials aren’t doing it to receive money. The inspiration comes from a desire to help others and the time window for undertaking tutorial creation is usually very narrow.

I’d like to see posts on this forum that contain useful information, not website promotions.

But that’s just my opinion.

i agree that people should just share their knowledge for free and some do..this is just a contest with prizes for the best tutorials..i am not paying people to make tutorials..there have been a lot of tutorials added to my site..maybe you should visit more often..since i am a one man crew any help would be appreciated..i plan on having tutorial contests for a lot more programs in the future because i think it entices people to make new tutorials..this contest lasts for six months which is plenty of time to make a tutorial..thanks for your opinion..if you want to make a tutorial not for the contest the just submit it in a different topic than the three for the contest…thanks, pirate

as of today jandscreations 3dc tutorial contest only has one entry…nickeax says i am doing this for web site promotion..just to let you know the real reason is to get new tutorials made so people don’t have to continue trying to learn from the old ones and then nothing..i know tutorials are hard work to make and most all people that make them do it to help people…3dc tutorials have come to a stand still..nobody is making any..since my site started about 5 new 3dc tutorials have been made..there will be a lot more..i started this mission to help people and do not ask for anything..the contest is not to pay for tutorials its a way to encourage you to make a new one to help those that are starting out and also encourages people to buy 3dc when they see how easy it is to use..don’t get confused by negative actions are for the good of the beginner and for the 3dc lets make some tutorials to help newcomers and maybe win a prize…all tutorials will be linked to the 3DC resource site…thanks

It’s understandable that members would like to maintain the focus of this forum, but at the same time, I do think Pirate’s motives are based on an enthusiasm for and desire to support the 3DC software and its users.

Despite the fact that his website covers other software as well, I think he has kept his postings here pretty well focused on 3DC.

My impression is that the contest is (at least partly) a way to encourage new people to try writing tutorials … and presumably ones entered in his contest could also be posted here. ^_^

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