Polygons Same As Faces?

The easiest way however is to use the script found [img:tqlawksh]http://www.3DC.com/downloads/Scripts/Count%20Triangles.zip[/img:tqlawksh]
The script can be used both on single objects or on the whole scene.

Is the face count in ‘properties’ the same as the polygon count? I will need to create low poly objects for games. I appreciate any help with this, thanks!

It depends on the model….If you have used the Triangulate operation on the model the poly count would be the same as the face count.

However, if you are using say a basic 3DC cube, this has 6 faces but on export it will be triangulated and end up with 12 polys..double the face count.
So a rough idea of the polycount you could double the face count…
BUT…this doesn’t always apply. If you load a basic 3DC cylinder, this has 18 faces but when you triangulate it the count jumps to 60.
This is because of the triangulation of the cylinder end caps.

Creating good low poly models isn’t always easy and needs practice to learn what you can get away with. It also depends a lot on your skills at creating good quality textures that can re-create the detail you left of the model.

Hope this helps….


Unfortunately face count is in most cases not the poly count. In this case faces means 3DC faces, usually rectangles. For poly count all faces are triangles i.e. all faces need to be triangulated.

Thank you both, is there a easy way to get a count? Properties seem to show face but not poly.

As mentioned before, use the tool ‘triangulate selection’. In some cases it may be useful to make a copy of the model first.

OR….Export the model to a .x file and import it back into 3DC..then check the Properties face count.


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