Plugins Operations and Scripts for 9.3

Finally got them all compiled…

One of these links should work 🙂

One Drive

Thanks Paul.

I installed 9.3 without problem, but I find that I am missing the important Double Side operation. All of the others operations are there and I can see that the file Double Side.dll and Double Side.sxs.manifest are present in the Operations folder. Do I need to do something else to activate this operation? (It does not appear in the Operations list under Tools/Options),


I should have added that the Double Side Plug-in also does not appear in the list of Plug-ins, nor does the Piper Plug-in, even though both files are in the list of dll files in the plug-in folder. Seems very strange as they all appeared in the 9.2 version.

Very odd – all were copied from my plugins and operations folder where they all work.

Can you try running regsvr32 “c:\program files\3d crafter 9\operations\doubleside.dll”
(with the file path from your pc)

Can you check the file versions on the ones that are missing from 3DC? – (right click, properties, details)
should all start with 9.3.x.x

anyone else with the same problem?

Yes I am missing them too.

I tried registering doubleside.dll and received the following:

“The module ‘doubleside.dll was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80004005.”

The file version is:

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Thanks Paul. That worked. I also found that I had to register the Piper, Rivit and Doubleside dlls in the Plugins folder to get them to show. (Mikeadams2k – note that there needs to be a space between the RegSvr32 and the quotation mark before the C:\).

That gives me a clue – I may need to adjust the installer slightly.

Just about to go away for the weekend so it will be early next week now.

I’ve updated both file links above with a new version of the installer MSI file.
This one should force the registration of all the DLL’s so hopefully it will make everything visible this time.

Not sure if it will install over the top of the current one, it may come up as a repair option.
If it doesn’t work, uninstall and try a re-install.


why is that captcha so difficult these days, used to be easy when it was numbers.

I have the same problem with piper plugin.
Version is 9.02.0768.
I have the error “The module ‘doubleside.dll was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80004005.

I resolved the issue installing last version 9.3 built 1620 in a different directory respect previous version.

I installed 3dcrafter 9.3 build 1620 on clean machine win7 ult 64bit
inside of scripts menu I have very limited basic scripts (approx 5-6 scripts)
now I downloaded from PaulGausden
and walla is working.!

Why the installation does not care about.

Thanks a lot PaulGausden

Not ok yet,
I inserted a cube then bottom face selected
Scripts–>> ShiftGroupCenter
I receive Run-time error: Object does not support the property or method
CanvasApp.GetActiveScene at line 19

Whats wrong here ? pls help

Ignore or delete that script – it’s been superseded by the Shift Centre operation on the operations panel.

The icon is a square with a cross through it.

Just select the face and press the operation button.

I’ll fix the script for the next version 🙂

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