Plugin wont run in new version

Woops. I meant to, but I read it and forgot to respond (not that I had a response).


Hi there

I decided finally to fix the Swarm plugin on my tutorial page, but…

The plugin works when I download it and run it from my latest version of 3DC (5.5c/7 – I downloaded it to try to fix the problem, and you must have release 5.6 a nanosecond later).

But when I recompile it it doesn’t run. andnbsp;The compiler tells me that it is updating the 3DCView.ocx registry entry from version 62 to 69, and the help entry tells me this message is harmless and I don’t have to do anything else.

But the plugin wont run properly. andnbsp;It compiles ok, and starts running. andnbsp;It calls a form, but returns no data from the form andnbsp;- I get the data by querying the properties.

Any suggestions?


solved the problem. andnbsp;Somehow I’d wiped out a class module, and the compiler didn’t care.

Sorry if anyone actually took some time to think about this.

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