Plug-in for X-Plane .Obj 8 format file

Good News Paul. Anxiously awaiting the new Rail Sim plugin.

Not sure if anyone knows how to make plug-ins for 3DC and is using X-Plane 8 or 9. From what I have read, a person can make a model in 3DC and save it as a 3DS file, then use OBJ Converter to make a X-Plane .obj file. But in the conversion, you loose any animations and some specific X-Plane .obj8 extensions. Both Blender and AC3D have plug-ins for X-Plane. Thanks to some really talented people we have plug-ins for the Train Simulators and FSX (was looking forward to MSTS 2). Have FSX and Rail Sumilator and just order X-Plane (mainly for the sloping runways, it’s interesting to takeoff down a runway that’s not flat.)

My FSX plugin is fully functional now but you may need to be a bit patient for the X-plane plugin.

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Thanks Paul for the FSX Plug-in, I had installed the FSX plug-in back in December, but will go back to your site and make sure I have the latest upgrade. Thanks again. I might look into how plug-ins are made. Back in the ’80 and ’90 did a programming in Basic and Comal on the Amiga ccomputers. Tried to learn LCC C programming around ten year’s ago.

The main plugin programming interface is quite simple, but Inport/Export plugins are a little bit more awkward.

I’ve almost finished the new Rail Sim plugin now which adds a few more material options.

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