Piping script?

Two things:

1) You’ve found a bug. When in face/point mode and a face is selected a drag and drop of the extrude tool causes a crash.
2) It would be nice if you could select a source face for the extrude tool, but you can’t. You will need to define a source with the extrude tool.


Has anyone done a andquot;pipingandquot; script that would produce pipe runs? For example, in pseudo code:

/* assume active object is a face */
Extrude along face normal by 2
/* would have to set up how many segments per andquot;turnandquot; */
Make elbow of 90 degrees using radius of 3
Extrude along (new) face normal by 4

This would be very useful for an industrial model I’m working on.

Or is there an easy way to do pipe runs that I’ve missed?


Thanks for the correction Richard, I can certainly attest that using the Extrude Op is tedious. I’ll dig into the Object Building Tool asap, it is probably exactly what I need. As usual, 3DC capabilities outstrip my ability to learn them.

Thanks again,


Actually, I meant the extrude andquot;object building toolandquot; rather than the extrude andquot;operationandquot;. They both do the same thing basically, but the object building tool allows you to define a path and a source. I think that using the Extrude Operation for this would be time consuming and not particularly productive.


It looks like it could, but I obviously don’t know how to use it as well as you! I have tried rotating the end face of a pipe and then extruding a little bit, rotating the face again, extruding… but that is laborious and I don’t think you produced that smooth sample that way…. I’ll go look at the extrude description/help again as well as any pointers you may have to offer.

Thanks for the reply,


I don’t have a piping script, but would the extrude tool not do this for you?


Looks good!

I have used the regular extrude tool without any problem.
I decided to try the build object extrude tool. andnbsp;

1) Placed a cylinder primitive in the scene
1) Selected a face on the end of the cylinder as a source plane
2) Selected the build object extrude tool and dragged it into the scene
3) 3DC crashed.

Am I selecting the source plane correctly? andnbsp;Am I doing this in the correct order? andnbsp;The overview in the help does not explain the process of selecting a source plane. andnbsp;I find the help explains the objective of the tool but not the first steps. Is there a manual we need to purchase to find out how to initiate these operations. andnbsp;

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