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andnbsp; By Gary ( on Sunday, July 08, 2001 – 10:03 am: andnbsp;

I’ve had some trouble uploading these pictures, but I’ll try it once again, one at a time…

I’m about halfway done with this new spaceship model, and I need suggestions. I haven’t added much detail, such as windows or bridges, etc., and I’m considering adding two ‘runners’ along the bottom that the ship could theoretically land on, and perhaps shoot from as well. This isn’t meant to be a fighter ship, but rather something that could house a few dozen people.

Please let me know what the design makes you think of, and what you’d add/subtract/change, or any other comments. Thanks a lot!

andnbsp; By Gary ( on Sunday, July 08, 2001 – 10:17 am: andnbsp;

andnbsp; By Gary ( on Sunday, July 08, 2001 – 10:26 am: andnbsp;

Ok, that’s it. What do you think?

andnbsp; By Richard Borsheim (Richard_Borsheim) ( on Sunday, July 08, 2001 – 10:45 am: andnbsp;

Well… Superb!

Pretty please let me post these in the Gallery?


andnbsp; By Simon Hachey ( on Sunday, July 08, 2001 – 10:56 am: andnbsp;

HOLY MONKEY! That is one nice ship!

andnbsp; By Andrew Sobala ( on Sunday, July 08, 2001 – 02:45 pm: andnbsp;

Jeeze, that is awesome!

andnbsp; By Les Patterson ( on Sunday, July 08, 2001 – 07:59 pm: andnbsp;

That is truly fantastic. From the appearance, I don’t think I would make many changes. It has a highly believable quality about it. As for it being a fighter of sorts, it really looks more like a mother ship, or some type of space exploration vessel. If I were going to add runners/skids, I think I would work along the lines of Fire Control Platforms(Big Guns), like maybe Ion Cannons, or something like that. This ship just begs to be large in size, with more than just a few dozen people. It really looks like something you would see in a sci-fi movie. Excellent!

andnbsp; By Gary ( on Sunday, July 08, 2001 – 09:14 pm: andnbsp;

Thanks for the praise guys, I’m surprised at the positive reaction — I thought the last thing I put up here (cross-shaped fighter ship) was much better than this thing. Don’t be fooled by the fancy backgrounds!

Les, thanks for the feedback. I meant to point out that it was *not* a fighter, but my thinking was more Millenium Falcon sized, as opposed to USS Enterprise sized (500-1000 people). Perhaps retractable landing gear is the way to go, although that might be tough to animate — I wish I knew how to write VB Scripts, as everyone else seems to.

Anyway, if anyone has any design suggestions, I’m very open to them right now. I want to add windows, for example — where do you think they should go, and what should they look like?


p.s. Richard, you can put it wherever you like, but wait ’till it’s done first — shouldn’t be long now.

andnbsp; By Les Patterson ( on Monday, July 09, 2001 – 07:59 am: andnbsp;

Don’t feel bad about not writing VB Script, cause I can’t either……
I think just about any shape windows would work. Porthole, square, or mix-match them. I do think the bulk of your windows should be on the main body, along the sides of the ship. Maybe two rows alternately spaced? You could also have a few smaller windows on the two outer objects. There’s lots of possibilities.

For landing geat, you could use the runners you mentioned earlier, and have them move downward, and outward(to the side), and just let them blend flush with the hull of the ship when retracted, instead of having to build doors for them.

andnbsp; By Gary ( on Thursday, July 12, 2001 – 07:45 am: andnbsp;

I couldn’t resist showing you guys this shot. I’ve been tinkering around with the model a bit, but no serious changes yet, except perhaps that I finally got a translucency map to work on the engine trails. The background, I’m afraid to admit, is a photo that comes with Windows Me, but I thought the results were nice.

andnbsp; By Justin Arruda ( on Thursday, July 12, 2001 – 08:47 am: andnbsp;

omg thats possibly the best model made with 3dc keep it up man

andnbsp; By Richard Borsheim (Richard_Borsheim) ( on Thursday, July 12, 2001 – 07:19 pm: andnbsp;


The engine trails look good.

So what did you have to do? Did you use PNG or did you just create a separate translucency map.


andnbsp; By Gary ( on Thursday, July 12, 2001 – 08:54 pm: andnbsp;

Richard, I haven’t been able to load a PNG texture. I always get a ‘can’t load/corrupt’ error, and I’ve tried saving the PNGs in every possible variation. For these I used .bmp files with separate translucency. It would help me a lot to be able to do the PNG though — I’ll send you some of my files later so you can take a look at them.


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