Okay Richard, What’s the deal with this…?

That did the trick. I’ve got all the plugins and ops showing on the menu now. Thanks again, Richard.

Richard T.

I’ve installed 3DC in a fresh XP reinstallation, added plugins and not all are showing.. I uninstalled 3DC and upgrade, removed the My Docs folder, removed the old Amabilis folder from C:Program Files and reinstalled and the program settings for the grid and last opened files appear from the previous installation! What’s up with that?!? It’s not a fresh installation! Are there registry entries or a Property Bag that’s located somewhere that has to be removed as well? Why isn’t the uninstall catching everything? And will this affect adding the plugins and added operations if I try to install them again? This is NOT a good thing!

Richard T.

Yes, there are some settings that are not removed with an uninstall because they are not created by the install (they are created at runtime by 3DC). Usually this is not a major issue, but they can be removed if necessary using Regedit. To remove the runtime registry entries delete this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareVB and VBA Program Settings3DC


Thanks Richard,

I appreciate the prompt reply. I’ve been pulling my hair out over these various issues, and I’ve attributed them to my system. I’ve been convinced all along that my system wasn’t nearly up to speed. But it seemed that that only solution would be reverting an earlier 3DC version. My graphics system just can’t handle 6.6 no matter what I do outside of adding a proper video card.

Richard T.

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