Not able to select a primitive

Hi, I am new to this software, so apologies if this is a simple error. I downloaded the freeware version and started off with the tutorial. I fell at the first fence though. It says click on the components to display the primitive shapes. It then says click and drag the sphere onto the scene. When I click on the sphere, the little hand icon changes shape, but no dragging is possible. Am I missing something?
Ta, Geoff

I have the same problem having just installed 3D Crafter on my laptop with Windows 10 on. I could also import a model I have made previously, but I could not manipulate it. I could not even rotate or alter the view using the axis tools. The mouse can operate the menus, so it is not being totally ignored.


I have just installed 3D Crafter on my desktop PC, which also has Windows 10, and it appears to be working fine. The desktop is 32bit whereas the laptop is 64bit. That is the main difference.


Ok, Thanks for the confirmation Ian. My laptop is 64 bit too. So there must be a problem with using the program with Windows 10 on 64 bit systems?


So I read the other posts on the bugs, glitches and problem page, and the instructions to change to documents folder permissions works for me. So thanks to Jimcrow.

I run it on Windows 10 on two machines, and haven’t really had any problems. I’m going to see what I can figure out from what Jim Crow wrote.

This is all very strange. I think it has comes down to an issue with the conversion of Windows to version 10. Something is not right in the security settings as a result.

I’d be interested to know if anyone has this problem with Windows 10 on a fresh install (or a new computer with Windows 10 preinstalled)


long time since I have been here, Good to see Amabilis is still going strong.

I can confirm that both my PCs were updated from Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 before that. My desktop started from Windows 98, but has had hardware upgrades alongside OS upgrades, so only the C: drive remains of the original.

I have not had time to try changing privileges, and frankly, I am wary of doing it.


Hi Ian!

Good to see you back. I remember you well. 15 years!

If things are going well, then I’d say don’t mess with security settings. But I think perhaps if you did change security settings in say Windows 7, and the upgraded to Windows 10, the upgrade may not produce exactly the same settings and that’s why 3DC doesn’t work on some upgraded computers. But that’s only a guess.

I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit to Windows 10. After the upgrade I checked that Crafter opened but I didn’t use it. When I got around to using it today I found that I couldn’t use any of the controls etc. that use the mouse in the scene. Including placing a primitive in the scene and moving around using the gizmo at left bottom.
I decided to roll back to Win 7 and have 3D Crafter working as normal now. I think I can do without Windows 10.

Apologies for bumping this thread but this problem has just appeared with my installation of 3DC Pro.

I can load models but cannot select them or get the navigation control to work. The mouse is working as I can operate the menus. I am using Version 9.3 which was working OK until today. My desktop is running Windows 10 64 bit which just updated so maybe this has caused the problem.

I have tried re-installing 9.3 and installing 10.2 but the problem is still there.

I noticed that this thread mentioned changing the documents folder permissions but I can’t find any details on how to do this or what needs to be changed.

I should also mention that I have a laptop which is also running Windows 10 but 32 bit. This has also just updated but 3DC 9.3 still works OK. Is this a 64 bit problem?

I thought I would post first instead of repirting this as a bug. Any help, advice or suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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