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Personally, I dislike the design of the color scheme. It looks dated and unclear. A big help would be to remove the background image.

I would then use some CSS to rein those anchor tags in. I’d even go so far as to suggest using a ready-made CMS like Joomla or PHP-Nuke (both free).

Here’s my Joomla site, I think it looks ok [img:1lowoi1u][/img:1lowoi1u]
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If you need any help with your forums or coding your site, let me know, I’ll be glad to help.

PS You can embed the video tutorials in your pages if you wish, or link to this page:
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hey nick,
i have been working on the site lately. it has changed a lot so have the colors..i really just want a site thats a little different than the other sites out there..i appreciate your input though. i have had mixed opinions on it from several different forums..the main thing i’m really aiming for is providing information to people that need help..i’m working on a bunch of video tutorials for a variety of will take a while but in the end i think it will work out..if no one uses it i will have a whole lot if information for myself. mostly i want newcomers to game making to have rescources in a lot of different programs all in one place..i put your link in under 3dc video tutorials..i already had a link for these tutorials but from a different site and yours are better…left you a private message in the jandscreations forum..

Hey Pirate, your site is looking better every time I visit! The new simplified layout and the fewer colors have much more impact! There is room on the internet for many styles of websites, and while some are more sophisticated and slick looking,this looks attractive, as if it means business and has a nice personal touch.

On reading your front page commentary, I think your most important (and inviting) statement is:

‘Our goal is to see you succeed in making and selling your game.’

However, since most of what you say is from the ‘I’ point of view, you could stick to that, and not use ‘our’ and ‘we’ at all – therefore:

‘My goal is to see you succeed in making and selling your game.’

I’d suggest placing this sentence directly below ‘welcome to jandscreations’ in the same color and just one font size smaller.

then in the smaller white font, you could say:

‘Don’t let being a beginner or a noob hold you back from making games. Help is right here and questions can be posted in the forums.

Here you’ll find recommendations for low cost but excellent software, and links to helpful articles and tutorials.’

and then wind up with your last line and sig which has just the right friendly tone.

People are much more likely to read 4 or 5 good strong (and not too long) sentences on a page than three paragraphs.

Placing the other comments on other pages will give them more impact there, and will very likely be read by visitors who have been drawn in to those pages by your brief and encouraging front page.

Other things I like:
your page dedication and picture of your dog (this is very friendly, and placed at the bottom of the page is good.. people will see it and appreciate it, but they will also know you are putting their needs first, concentrating on what they are really looking for)

Your tutorial links page is great.. good, clear and unconfusing (I also like the ‘scroll down’ message).

If you would like to make comments on software and on programming languages (like the ones on your front page).. you could place them on those pages… again giving a personal touch, and letting people know you are making recommendations in good faith.

However, you could make these comments in your first posts in the forums instead, including something to the effect that ‘I really like these programs and believe they will do the job for you – and I don’t get paid for saying that! (with a simple text smilie perhaps). This has the chattiness of forum posts, so fits there best, I think.

hope these further comments are helpful (I’m sure I’ve left something out, but you will figure it out – you’ve already done so much already!)


thanks butterpaw,
i appreciate you helping me out..this is my first site besides one of those free sites that are covered with adds and such..sometimes its hard to figure out what to say on your site, sometimes i find myself just sitting looking at the screen..i’ve put a lot of hours into this site..i know it don’t really look like it but building something like this is a lot harder than i thought it would be..i would rather be programming or modelling something but i think a site where you can get info on a lot of different programs is needed so you don’t have to wear out google trying to find what you need..well anyway thanks for the help…pirate

Well Pirate, it looks to me as if you are pulling your new site into shape very quickly. You have some good ideas and each person who responded has given you excellent feedback and pointers. You’ve quickly incorporated the elements that fitted for you, improving while keeping it yours.

You know what you want to say, and I’ve only suggested ways of tightening that up for a crisper presentation, more likely to grab the attention of your ‘audience’.

Anyway.. just keep at it until you have it as fine-tuned as you can make it, because once you’ve done that, it will have become your vehicle for your content and a good place to share ideas and easily interact with your visitors.

Then you can put your attention on keeping your content fresh and up to date, and sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge with those who visit your site!


thanks again butterpaw,
i downloaded the pic..i like the part about putting home in the corner of the home page and putting forumsin with a button..thanks


cool! I’m glad if any of it was helpful ^_^

i have made some of the changes to the site..check it out and see what you think..i still have a lot more to do but i’ve been working longer hours lately..time is short..if you run across any exgen or deled tutorials i need some..thanks

It’s coming along fine, Pirate – just take your time to getting just how you want it <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>

web sites coming along pretty good…lot more tutorials and a lot more coming..working on 3DC video tutorial, should be ready some time this week, hopefully…will let you know.


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